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Sharing the Science of Success

While earning her Ph.D. in psychology, Southwestern University graduate Jennifer Knight excelled at scholarly research, but she realized quickly that her academic articles were not reaching the general public.

That’s what inspired her to write a book with a fellow student she met in graduate school, Eden King. The book, titled How Women Can Make It Work: The Science of Success, consists of research combined with insights and anecdotes from their experiences in the workplace.

“As two women who have training in psychology but are immersed in pop culture, we thought this would be a really fun way to bring research to the public,” Knight said.

The 272-page book focuses on discrimination faced by women and the best ways to overcome challenges. It includes 40 chapters, covering everything from job interviews to interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Knight and King worked on the book for about a year, dedicating nights and weekends to the task. They then found their publisher, Praeger, and continued to work diligently toward their goal of sharing their information with the public.

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