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Homecoming and Reunion Weekend - Nov. 1-3, 2013
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HOMECOMING Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FYI: Pre-registration closed Friday, Oct. 25 at 5 p.m. (CST). On-site Registration will open Friday, Nov. 1 at noon (please note the $10 registration fee per person.)

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I heard there are lots of changes to Homecoming this year. What are they?
To see a full explanation of all changes to Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, visit the "What’s New at Homecoming" website.

Why did SING! move to the spring?
The change was made for two reasons. (1) With the return of football and the inclusion of families of current students, students would be over-programmed for one weekend. (2) The University wanted to provide more time for students to spend with their families. Mark your calendar though. SING! is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014.

What if I don't want to participate in tailgating or attend the football game?
No problem. There are still options for people to do things on campus. We have afternoon Classes Without Quizzes sessions, which is a favorite event and there are two special events in the afternoon that people may purchase a ticket to attend (“The Therapy of Art” and “Science of the Very Small”). Of course, the Homecoming Hospitality House will be open.

Why is the Homecoming Parade on the Georgetown Square?

Business members of the Georgetown community approached Southwestern about hosting the Pep Rally on the Square. To be supportive of this initiative, we decided to move the Homecoming Parade to the Square, too. Not only will you see student organizations and alumni groups participating in the parade, you’ll also see some of the businesses who are supporting Southwestern. (By the way, some of our alumni might remember the days when the parade was on the Square.)

Why is the Homecoming Hospitality House only open on Saturday?
Before we get to the reasons, we want you to know that we are extending the hours of the Homecoming Hospitality House on Saturday. While there are a number of reasons for this decision, the major ones are: (1) we want to show our support for student organizations, alumni groups and Georgetown businesses participating in the Homecoming Parade on Friday; (2) Georgetown businesses (including restaurants) are staying open longer on Friday to welcome Southwestern alumni and parents; (3) there are two athletic events happening on Friday evening; and (4) there is a live concert on Friday on campus.

Will I have opportunities to visit with University faculty and staff?
Yes! Homecoming and Reunion Weekend is meant to be for ALL members of the Southwestern community, including faculty and staff. They are always invited to participate in the weekend’s festivities. On Friday, there are academic receptions planned throughout the afternoon, plus there are always faculty and staff sightings at the Homecoming Picnic and the Homecoming Hospitality House. Encourage your favorite faculty and staff members to attend!

Why is pre-registering so important?
Homecoming and Reunion Weekend brings in a lot of people and requires advanced planning to make sure the weekend goes smoothly for University guests and visitors. Pre-registering helps University staff in securing enough food, drinks, table and chairs for events.

What is the benefit of pre-registering?
It will make the beginning of your Homecoming experience a lot easier and more convenient, not to mention that it is less expensive than registering on-site ($5 savings per person). A pre-registration packet (which includes printed name tags, event tickets and a “Fast Pass” for the Homecoming Hospitality House) will be ready for them to pick-up at the Pre-registration Check-in station during Homecoming. Additionally, those people who pre-register will be eligible to win prizes. (FYI: To be eligible for prizes, attendees must pre-register before Sunday, Oct. 13.) Finally, the names of those who pre-register will appear on the Look Who's Coming list.  

Why are there registration fees?

We are implementing a pre-registration fee of $5 per person (or $10 per person paid on-site for those who do not pre-register). Collecting registration fees enables the University and The Association to provide more food options at the Homecoming Hospitality House, and to help cover the rising costs of table and chair rentals for most events during the weekend. Fees will also help to pay for the rental of the Homecoming Hospitality House tent.

What is the pre-registration deadline?
Homecoming and Reunion Weekend attendees can pre-register through our secure online form through Tuesday, Oct. 22. Otherwise, attendees may call the Office of University Relations - Alumni and Parents through Friday, Oct. 25 (by 5 p.m.) at 800-960-6363. Please note: Pre-registrations will not be taken (online, by phone or in person) between Oct. 26-31. 

I am a parent of a current Southwestern student. Do I need to purchase tickets for my son or daughter?
For the most part you do not need to purchase tickets for your Southwestern student. All meals during the weekend are included in their meal plans (they will use their Pirate ID cards as usual). If your student does not have a meal plan, then you will need to purchase meal tickets for them. Tickets to the football game are free for Southwestern students and can be picked up prior to game day.

How do I see who is pre-registered to attend Homecoming?
Visit the Look Who’s Coming list on The Association’s website. The list only shows those who have successfully submitted their pre-registration. Once someone pre-registers for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, their name will automatically display. You may also visit the Faculty and Staff Look Who's Coming list. Both lists are searchable and downloadable.

I do not want to pre-register using the online form. How can I still pre-register?
No problem. Once you have identified what events you would like to attend during the weekend, you may call the Office of University Relations - Alumni and Parents at 800-960-6363. Our staff will only be able to accept credit cards, so please be sure to have yours handy. Please note: Pre-registrations will not be taken (online, by phone or in person) between Oct. 26-31. 

What happens if I register on-site?
Although we strongly encourage you to pre-register, you can register on-site when you arrive on campus. However, please understand that the fee to register will increase from $5 per person to $10 per person and University staff cannot guarantee you a ticket for events that you would like to attend (e.g., Class Reunion Parties). FYI: If you plan to meet friends at the Homecoming Hospitality House, you will need to pay a registration fee.

What happens if I lose or remove my wristband before the weekend is over?
While we encourage everyone to keep their wristband on throughout the duration of the weekend, please understand that the wristband serves as your receipt. If you lose it, you will be asked to pay the on-site registration fee ($10) at the On-site Registration station (Friday from noon to 5:30 p.m.; Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or at the Homecoming Hospitality House (Saturday from 5 p.m. to 12:55 a.m.).

Who can gain access into the Homecoming Hospitality House?
The Homecoming Hospitality House is open to all Homecoming and Reunion Weekend registrants (those who have paid either the pre-registration or on-site registration fee) who are 21 and older. This includes alumni, parents of current students, faculty, staff and students.

What is the “Fast Pass” lane?
All attendees who have paid the registration fee, provided their ID cards and received their wristband at the Pre-registration Check-in and On-site Registration station (in the McCombs Campus Center) will have easier access to the Homecoming Hospitality House. There will be a line at the entrance (the “Fast Pass” lane) of the Hospitality House specifically designated for this group of people. If you want to make your entry even quicker, bring your business cards so you only have to drop it into the basket. (Hint: Prizes will be drawn every few hours for those who drop in their business card.) Please note: Before 5 p.m., guests may pick up their wristbands at the Pre-registration Check-in and On-site Registration station in the McCombs Campus Center. Wristbands will only be available for purchase at the Hospitality House from 5 p.m. to 12:55 a.m. on Saturday.

If I did not pre-register, will I need to pay the on-site registration fee in order to access the Homecoming Hospitality House?
Yes, please. To make it fair for all who attend Homecoming, the registration fee is needed to gain entry into the Homecoming Hospitality House. The only people who are exempt from this rule are current Southwestern students (who are over 21), faculty and staff (who will need to provide their Pirate ID card and valid government-issued ID).

Is food provided at the Homecoming Hospitality House?
Yes, indeed! Part of the registration fees that are collected will be used to pay for snacks, hors d’oeuvres and soft drinks (including water) at the Hospitality House. (Please note: Fees collected are not used to purchase beer or wine.) As an added bonus, The Peached Tortilla (a food truck) will be arriving around 6:30 p.m.

Where can I park?
We anticipate a high volume of visitors the weekend of Homecoming. There are a number of places to park on campus. Please see the campus map to identify parking lots.

Where are the accessible parking spots on campus?
To assist mobility-impaired individuals in finding parking and accessible routes to campus facilities, Southwestern University provides an accessibility map that illustrates accessible routes to campus buildings. You can download the accessibility map in PDF format.

Will there be a shuttle service from campus to (and from) the stadium for tailgating and the football game?
Yes. The Association (through the generosity of an alumnus) has secured two shuttle buses that will take members of the Southwestern community (alumni, students, parents of current students, faculty and staff) to and from the stadium. Shuttles will run continuously on Saturday, Nov. 2 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The campus pick-up/drop-off location is near the Roy & Lillie Cullen Building, while the stadium pick-up/drop-off location is near the stadium itself.


When will I receive my printed invitation in the mail?
Most members of the Southwestern community will receive Southwestern, the University magazine by mail this fall. The formal invitation to Homecoming and Reunion Weekend is included in that publication. If you have recently moved, please update your preferred mailing address so you are sure to receive your copy. We encourage all Homecoming attendees to bring that invitation with them in an effort to support the University’s commitment to “stay green.”

I am not receiving email messages about Homecoming. How can I be added to the email list?
Our database pulls the preferred email address for each alumnus/a or parent of a current student. If your preferred email address has changed, please update your preferred email address so you do not miss any more important messages.

How else can I learn about what’s going on during the weekend?
Two words. Social media! In addition to finding information on the Homecoming and Reunion Weekend website, we encourage you to tap into all The Association’s and the University’s social media outlets (primarily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - click here to access a number of outlets). While you’re at it, be sure to use our hash tags: #SUHRW (all things Homecoming), #TheASUA (all things alumni - use this any time of the year), #HereWeGoBucs (all things athletics - use this any time of the year) and, of course, #BeSouthwestern (all things Southwestern).

Still have lingering questions? Contact the Office of University Relations - Alumni and Parents by email (alumni@southwestern.edu or parents@southwestern.edu) or by calling 800-960-6363.